North American Veterinary Conference’s *Clinicians Brief Journal (USA) Features One Health Initiative Capsules   March 2013 issue – Please see attached PDF  More on One Health and preventative values of hand washing    *Clinician’s Brief, the official Journal of the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC), adopted support and advocacy of the One Health concept in its October 2011 issue.     The NAVC conducts a prominent and outstanding yearly meeting in Orlando, Florida (USA).  It is one of the largest veterinary medical continuing education events in the world.  A focus is maintained “on a single goal—providing high quality, practical information to every member of the veterinary [medical] professional team.”    The One Health Initiative team believes Clinician’s Brief to be the only peer reviewed small animal medicine/surgery journal in the world to have adopted and implemented a significant identifiable One Health oriented section (One Health Initiative Capsules) in their monthly publication issues.   Provided exclusively to One Health Initiative website by:      Michelle N. Munkres, Editorial Director and Indu Mani, DVM, DSc, Editor    NAVC Clinician’s Brief     Educational Concepts, LLC     2021 S. Lewis Avenue #760     Tulsa, OK 74104      T: (918) 710-4610               F: (918) 749-1987