Journal of Marine Biology and Aquaculture – Open Access Letter to Editor One Health, One Aquaculture – Aquaculture under One Health Umbrella Lissandra Souto Cavalli*, Kelly Cristina Tagliari de Brito, Benito Guimarães de Brito Technical Innovation Laboratory, Fepagro Animal Health, Brazil *Corresponding Author: Cavalli, L.S. , Technical Innovation Laboratory, Fepagro Animal Health, Brazil. Tel: (55) 5134813711; E-mail: Abstract The One Health concept applied to aquaculture include many aspects involving animal, human and environmental health, political, economic and social developments. Here we highlight the aspects associated with occupational health in aquaculture within the concept of One Health. From a public health perspective, the aquaculture industry could uses the One Health approach to prevent and control occupational diseases in aquaculture workers. We propose to bring the One health concept for aquaculture in order of prevent and control health and safety hazards for workers in aquaculture. See Attached PDF