Stanford Medicine – Comparative Medicine ONE HEALTH 2016 April 30, 2016 8:00 to 5:30 p.m. Location: Li Ka Shing Conference Center SEE: Connecting Health in Animals and Humans Keynote address:  Srirama Rao, PhD Associate Dean for Research College of Veterinary Medicine – University of Minnesota Leader for iCOMOS conference (International Conference of One Medicine One Science) Srirama, et al. “One Medicine, One Science, One Policy”. Science. 2015 Session topics Influenza: Aging, immunity and vaccine development Antibiotic Resistance: Sources and strategies for prevention Epilepsy and Seizure Prediction: Canine models for improved seizure treatments The Bat-Human Interface At the end of each session, speakers and conference attendees will participate in a discussion panel to explore the research and foster new connections. Mission:  The Stanford One Health 2016 symposium aims to educate medical and veterinary professionals on cutting edge cross-species basic and clinical research that benefits both humans and animals.  Recently, there is substantial interest within the research community in improving our understanding of diseases in animals and how to better utilize that knowledge to improve human and animal health.  Stanford is recognized around the world for its collaborative and innovative approaches to research and is now working to improve cooperation between veterinarians, medical doctors and basic science researchers.  We encourage the speakers and attendees to meet and discuss their research with scientists from other disciplines in order to foster innovative research collaborations and novel research directions.