World Veterinary Association PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE FOR WORLD VETERINARY DAY 2016 “Continuing Education with a One Health Focus” “I am very excited to announce and applaud World Veterinary Day 2016 on Saturday, April 30, with the theme of “Continuing Education with a One Health Focus”.  This year we celebrate three important topics. First, World Veterinary Day, established in the year 2000 by the World Veterinary Association, honors the many contributions veterinarians and veterinary technicians/nurses provide to animals and people in communities all over the world.  Veterinarians prevent and treat illness in animals everywhere.  They respond to help in natural and manmade disasters, educate the next generation, and discover new vaccines, medicines and treatments for animals and people.  Veterinarians monitor, report and control animal and human disease outbreaks across the globe, and provide quality health care to food producing animals.  Through their work and dedicated commitment, veterinarians make the world a better and safer place for both animals and people. Second, we celebrate the importance of continuing education - for lifelong learning, so veterinarians and other health care workers remain vigilant and competent to provide the best services for animals and people with the best results.  Knowledge gives all of us the potential and ability to be the best we can be for the purposes we have in life. Third, we celebrate the importance of the One Health concept and approach – that the health of people and animals is intimately connected and people need to communicate and work across many professions for the greater public good.  People benefit from animals through companionship, protection, safe and nutritious food products, work-related and recreational activities, the biodiversity of our wildlife, and research and new knowledge to better our lives. The World Veterinary Association applauds the veterinary medical profession today and every day for their work around the world, and will recognize a veterinary medical association with the World Veterinary Day Award for highlighting continuing educations efforts that focus on a One Health issue in their community. The Award is co-sponsored by the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE), and will be presented during the OIE General Assembly in Paris the last week of May. Click here to learn more on World Veterinary Day Award 2016.” Dr. Rene’ A. Carlson [DVM], President of World Veterinary Association Provided by:  Dr. Zeev Noga Veterinary Policy Officer     World Veterinary Association (WVA) Avenue de Tervueren 12 B-1040 Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 (0) 2 533 70 22                                 Please see: and