Posted One Health Initiative website Wednesday, December 21, 2016  2nd World Veterinary Association/World Medical Association GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON ONE HEALTH   Moving forward from One Health Concept to One Health Approach 10 -11th November 2016 Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan   SEE complete Summary   “The 2GCOH resulted in the historic signature on the Memorandum of Fukuoka by WVA, WMA, JMA and JMVA. The 4 associations agreed to move from the validation and recognition stage of the “One Health Concept”, to the practical implementation stage:   i. Physicians and veterinarians shall promote the exchange of information aimed at preventing zoonotic diseases and strengthening cooperative relationships, as well as to undertake further collaboration and cooperation aimed at creating a system for zoonosis research. ii. Physicians and veterinarians shall strengthen their cooperative relationships to ensure the responsible use of important antimicrobials in human and animal healthcare. iii. Physicians and veterinarians shall support activities for developing and improving human and veterinary medical education, including understanding the One Health concept and approach to One Health challenges. iv. Physicians and veterinarians shall promote mutual exchange and strengthen their cooperative relationships in order to resolve all issues related to the creation of a healthy and safe society.   Following the successful 2GCOH, the WVA and WMA received a number of proposals from Veterinary and Medical Associations to hold the 3rd Global Conference on One Health in their countries showing their great interest to enhance the collaborations between the veterinarians and physicians to work together on One Health issues.”