A rare but notable “One Health” example: Rare Emerging Disease Claims Texas Girl’s Leg: PCR Plus Sequencing Identified Culprit “...says coauthor Brad T. Cookson [MD, PhD] of the University of Washington. “I would add that medical care currently offers patients something very special - our report demonstrates the vitality and utility of collaborative, transdisciplinary approaches for solving challenging medical problems.” S. J. Salipante, D. R. Hoogestraat, D. J. SenGupta, D. Murphey, K. Panayides, E. Hamilton, I. Castañeda-Sánchez, J. Kennedy, P. W. Monsaas, L. Mendoza, K. Stephens, J. J. Dunn, and B. T. Cookson. 2012. Molecular Diagnosis of Subcutaneous Pythium insidiosum Infection by Use of PCR Screening and DNA Sequencing. J. Clin. Microbiol. 50:1480-1483 See a few general references: