Two instructive examples of recent One Health publications in ‘International Journal of One Health’ demonstrating the high value of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary collaborations:   “The rapid outbreak response by multi-sectoral teams using a One Health approach managed to contain the outbreak. The teams were composed of animal and human health experts from national to village levels to control the outbreak. The study testifies the importance of multi-sectoral collaboration using One Health approach in outbreak preparedness and response.” Research (Published online: 04-11-2017) Prevention, detection, and response to anthrax outbreak in Northern Tanzania using one health approach: A case study of Selela ward in Monduli district - Elibariki R. Mwakapeje, Justine A. Assenga, John S. Kunda, Ernest E. Mjingo, Zachariah E. Makondo, Hezron E. Nonga, Robinson H. Mdegela and Eystein Skjerve International Journal of One Health, 3: 66-76 Abstract l PDF Research (Published online: 28-11-2017) Mingling of human and veterinary strains of Staphylococcus aureus: An emerging issue in health-care systems - Sara Giordana Rimoldi, Annamaria Di Gregorio, Vittorio Sala, Eleonora De Faveri, Cristina Pagani, Pietro Olivieri, Claudio Savi, Anna Lisa Ridolfo, Antona Carlo and Maria Rita Gismondo International Journal of One Health, 3: 77-82 Abstract l PDF