A One Health Milestone...   U. S. Veterinary Journal Establishes Visionary One Health Policy and One Health Section   The official journal of the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC), Clinician’s Brief see View this Issue, a peer reviewed journal, has established a unique, visionary and seminal One Health policy...the journal is primarily designed to provide pertinent veterinary medical scientific articles for busy small animal medicine/surgery practitioners.  Clinician’s Brief has officially adopted support and advocacy of the One Health concept in its October 2011 issue.  In addition, a special One Health section will be published in each subsequent issue and posted on the One Health Initiative website.  The One Health section is entitled CAPSULES—Current literature in brief, featuring One Health Initiative Veterinary, Medical, Scientific [Highlights] —see page 39 in the current issue   The One Health Initiative team is delighted to have formed a collaborative liaison with NAVC’s Clinician’s Brief via its editor Indu Mani, DVM, DSc.  Please see attachments showing the  Front cover of the October 2011 Volume 9 Number 10 inaugural One Health issue: click on pdf view or; the Contents Section: click on; and Dr. Mani’s initial One Health Initiative Editorial commentary: click on    It should be noted that Dr. Mani, a veterinarian and avid One Health advocate, practices small animal veterinary medicine as well as being the editor of Clinician’s Brief.  She is also well versed in public health issues having received her Doctor of Science degree (DSc) from Harvard University’s School of Public Health in Boston, MA (USA).   The NAVC conducts a prominent and outstanding yearly meeting in Orlando, Florida (USA).  It is one of the largest veterinary medical continuing education events in the world.  A focus is maintained “on a single goal—providing high quality, practical information to every member of the veterinary [medical] professional team.”  The 2012 Conference is scheduled for January 14-18, 2012.