Journal Infection Ecology & Epidemiology Volume 8, 2018 - Issue 1 Editorial A one health opinion editorial RE: ideal protocol for future international one health congress meetings, all inclusive modus operandi Bruce Kaplan DVM , Laura H. Kahn MD, MPH, MPP , Thomas P. Monath MD, Lisa A. Conti DVM, MPH & Thomas M. Yuill PhD ‘…Whereas previous Congresses have been very good by all accounts, they have not adequately been all inclusive with respect to addressing a broad spectrum, co-equal recognition and exposure to both One Health essential priorities, i.e. global public health and global clinical health considerations, among a few others. Frankly, this has been known to occur due to concerns about securing adequate funding for public health research projects vis-à-vis clinical health missions, etc. In addition, there have been justifiable complaints regarding the meetings being “too veterinarian oriented without enough physician and other health science professional representations.” Hopefully, this next Congress will demonstrate a more ecumenical approach while addressing the issue of attracting a broader spectrum of health science oriented attendees. Human, animal and environmental health (eco-health) are in dire need of such a far reaching protocol endeavor. Spotlighted International Congresses need to become free from sectarian predominance, or even the hint of tribalism. They need to take the high road: begin “appealing to their better angels” in the true spirit of “One World-One Medicine-One Health.” An accurate and complete mosaic image of one health requires that all pieces be present and in place.’ Article: 1537461 | Published online: 08 Jan 2019