A system dynamics approach to understanding the One Health concept Tai Xie,  Wenbao Liu, Benjamin D. Anderson,  Xiaorong Liu,  Gregory C. Gray Published: September 6, 2017  “As a milestone in the history of One Health, the symbolic umbrella [], developed by One Health Sweden in cooperation with the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team, illustrates the broad One Health scope.  According to the umbrella, the goal of One Heath is to promote a worldwide strategy for the well-being in all aspects of health of people, animals and the environment.”   Abstract There have been many terms used to describe the One Health concept, including movement, strategy, framework, agenda, approach, among others. However, the inter-relationships of the disciplines engaged in the One Health concept have not been well described. To identify and better elucidate the internal feedback mechanisms of One Health, we employed a system dynamics approach. First, a systematic literature review was conducted via searches in PubMed, Web of Knowledge, and ProQuest with the search terms: ‘One Health’ and (concept* or approach*). In addition, we used the HistCite® tool to add significant articles on One Health to the library. Then, of the 2368 articles identified, 19 were selected for evaluating the inter-relationships of disciplines engaged in One Health. Herein, we report a visually rich, theoretical model regarding interactions of various disciplines and complex problem descriptors engaged in One Health problem solving. This report provides a conceptual framework for future descriptions of the interdisciplinary engagements involved in One Health.   See: