New on the AI Toolkit this week (14 – 20 December)   Case Study Pandemic 2009 as a case study for disease surveillance and risk assessment Using ‘Pandemic 2009’ as a case study example, Angus Nicoll for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, discusses disease surveillance and risk assessment, and what can and cannot be assumed in the future. Also covered are vaccination issues, pressures on emergency room services, and lessons learned.   Feature Document Surveillance for Influenza A virus in animal populations: what can work? Delivered by Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology, Colorado State University – Mo Salman – at the Influenza at the Interface between Human and Animals Conference, this presentation takes a look at surveillance systems and other prevention strategies for H5N1 in animal populations.   News Cases of Influenza A-Infected Pigs Confirmed in Korea   Safari West cheetah first zoo animal with swine flu   More pandemic influenza A H1N1 articles released