Award for Excellence in Promoting One Health Initiatives and Interprofessional Education: January 31   December 17, 2013, Volume 60, No. 17 The deans of the health schools of the University of Pennsylvania (Perelman School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Dental Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine) announce an Award for Excellence in promoting One Health Initiatives and Interprofessional Education. The terms “One Health Initiative” (OHI) and “Interprofessional Education” (IPE) describe efforts across healthcare professions to forge co-equal, all-inclusive collaborations. OHI arose from veterinary medicine with the goal of sharing knowledge of healthcare and preventive measures to improve the health of animals and society. Therefore, OHI explicitly includes wildlife and the environment. IPE focuses on providing an interdisciplinary approach aimed at shared learning and collaborative practices that build a more flexible healthcare workforce, thereby maximizing resources. OHI and IPE have gained momentum recently. Government, professional and academic institutions around the world have committed to promoting these important efforts to improve global health. The 4-School One Health Committee invites nominations for candidates who are full-time staff or faculty members engaged in professional education that bridges two or more of the schools with outreach/innovation in training, outreach, service in clinics or to the community. Collaborative research focused on healthcare education, clinical outcomes or real-world impact will receive more favorable consideration than laboratory collaborations.  The winner(s) will be awarded the prize (including a $500 cash award) at their home school, with all four deans in attendance.  Examples: Developing a multi-school clinical service/teaching program Providing training in communications/outreach to more than one school’s professional students and/or interns/residents Including more than one school’s students in a clinical experience Building bridges between healthcare specialties in animals and humans Creating multidisciplinary programs that improve healthcare or prevent famine or disease outbreaks Developing a research program or project that crosses schools to increase the impact of a promising line of discovery To nominate a staff or faculty member from the Penn community, please send a letter of recommendation, which describes the candidate’s contributions to OHI and/or IPE, to Cerie O’Toole at by Friday, January 31, 2014. - See more at: