Press Release: September 28, 2016  For immediate Release: The One Health Commission supports Bat Rabies Education in the Americas “One Health is a very old concept being resurrected in the past 15 years to encourage awareness of the inextricable interconnectedness between humans, animals and the environment. The One Health Commission, a non-profit organization, supports One Health Action Teams that identify and try to address gaps in awareness and education about issues that fall at the intersection of these sectors. One example is the Bat Rabies Education Team (BRET) which promotes a critical message to prevent the spread of Rabies in the Americas: Never Touch a Bat. Educational posters have been developed in partnership with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control and Bat Conservation International (in English, Portuguese and Spanish) and are available free for anyone to download and print for educational purposes. ...” See complete release at: Provided by: Clarissa Noureddine, DVM, MS, Chair, Bat Rabies Education Team members