Brucellosis remains a neglected disease in the developing world: a call for interdisciplinary action K. A. Franc1, R. C. Krecek2, 3, 4, B. N. Häsler5 and A. M. Arenas-Gamboa3 Email author BMC Public HealthBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted 201818:125 Abstract - Background “Brucellosis is an endemic zoonotic disease in most of the developing world that causes devastating losses to the livestock industry and small-scale livestock holders. Infected animals exhibit clinical signs that are of economic significance to stakeholders and include reduced fertility, abortion, poor weight gain, lost draught power, and a substantial decline in milk production. In humans, brucellosis typically manifests as a variety of non-specific clinical signs. Chronicity and recurring febrile conditions, as well as devastating complications in pregnant women are common sequelae.”