Center of Excellence for Zoonotic and Animal Diseases (USA)   CEEZAD One Health Bulletin #3: The Continuing Danger of the H7N9 Influenza A Virus - February 24, 2014 “According to Flutrackers, some 361 persons in China have now been infected with the H7N9 influenza A virus, with 112 deaths; and an indeterminate number of others are still in the hospital with serious infections. Approximately 225 persons have already been infected in the continuing second wave of this virus which began in January 2014. Therefore, it is timely that the wide-ranging website from publishing house Mary Ann Liebert covering science, technology and medicine has chosen to make an earlier paper from Professor Juergen A. Richt and Dr. Robert E. their Open Paper of the Day, available free of charge for approximately one month at the link: … “   Read entire article at    Provided by: Robert E. Kahn, PhD Educational Consultant   Dr. Kahn is a longstanding One Health Supporter