Center of Excellence for zoonotic and animal diseases (CEEZAD) CEEZAD One Health Bulletin #4: The Spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)   Read complete article at   May 20, 2014 “Since the emergence of the first known case of MERS-CoV in a human in Jordan in April 2012, as noted in the CEEZAD One Health Bulletin #2 below, this RNA virus has puzzled virologists, epidemiologists and public health officials. What is the source of the virus? How does the virus spread? Does this virus have pandemic potential? The answer to each of these three questions is still much debated, but understanding of the virus is increasing on a daily basis because of extensive international surveillance, monitoring, laboratory investigation and public health care. However, MERS-CoV has now been found in humans in 14 countries-9 in the Middle East, as well as Greece, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Philippines and the USA, as visitors to the Middle East have contacted the virus and returned to their home countries. With more than 600 confirmed laboratory cases of MERS-CoV, and a death rate of approximately 30%, it should be noted that 514 of these cases and 160 deaths have been in Saudi Arabia. …” Provided by:   Robert E. Kahn, PhD Education Consultant College of Veterinary Medicine Kansas State University   Dr. Kahn is a longstanding One Health supporter/advocate