Cheetah Conservation Fund and Foundation for Human Rabies Education and Eradication Are Providing Rabies Prevention Education and Mobile Vaccination Clinics in Namibia Written by: Jj Muehlhausen, Cheetah Conservation Fund The World Health Organization (WHO) reports show more than 59,000 deaths a year from rabies with high occurrences predominantly in Africa and Asia. The main problem with rabies all over the world is the lack of education about the disease and especially in rural areas because of so many feral dogs. For this reason, the Foundation for Human Rabies Education and Eradication (FHREE) took action. Since 1998, FHREE has participated in providing rabies prevention education and canine population control programs. In 2018, FHREE teamed up with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to further their efforts. CCF is a world-renowned international field research and education facility in Namibia. They provide research, education and conservation programs throughout Namibia to save cheetahs and other endangered species. CCF host Future Farmers of Africa and Future Conservationist of Africa training at their centre and move about the country to reach thousands of farmers, students and educators each year through their education and training programs. Rabies is a problem affecting the wildlife in Namibia. ... Please see complete article at   Provided by: FOUNDATION FOR HUMAN RABIES EDUCATION EDUCATION AND ERADICATION   Executive Director, Martine J. Work, MD, 30540 Morning View Drive, Malibu, CA 90265, U.S.ATel: (310) 457-9666 E-Mail: