Perspective [“One Health”] Chinas great wall, Israels Bar Lev Line, and passive infectious disease surveillance Maha A Elbadry, Mary M Merrill, Meng-Meng Ma, Mai-Juan Ma, Jia-Hai Lu, Wu-Chun Cao and Gregory C Gray Military Medical Research 2014, 1:15  doi:10.1186/2054-9369-1-15 – Open Access Published: 21 July 2014 Abstract (provisional) Emerging infectious diseases are some of modern societys great threats. Like some great construction efforts designed to protect mankind, current public health measures against these emerging pathogens have not always been successful. This paper highlights the importance of embracing new interdisciplinary approaches towards emerging pathogen threats. One such approach, termed One Health, is quickly being embraced by professional organizations and public health institutions across the world as a way forward. This paper briefly discusses the above problems and preliminary steps taken by Chinese academic institutions to embrace the One Health approach. Please see or click on attachment.