Research – University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Lexington, KY (USA) – A One Health oriented interdisciplinary approach... Collaborating With Horses to Develop Emotional Intelligence “In May of 2013 The Center for Leadership Development (CFLD) completed a pilot research study on The Effectiveness of Equine Guided Leadership Education (EGLE) to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Expert Nurses. This was a two year intercollegiate collaboration between CFLD researchers, Patricia Dyk, PhD. and Lissa Pohl, MA., and University of Kentucky Healthcares nurse researchers, Carol Noriega, RN, MSN, CEN, Janine Lindgreen, APRN and Robyn Cheung, PhD., RN. This pilot study is one of the first of its kind to explore how working with horses can develop emotional intelligence (EQ) in humans. ...”   Please read complete article   Provided by:   Craig N. Carter, DVM PhD Dipl. ACVPM Director & Professor, Epidemiology Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Department of Veterinary Science College of Agriculture & Public Health University of Kentucky 1490 Bull Lea Rd. Lexington, KY  40511 859-257-8283 (Office) 859-321-4890 (Business cell) 859-271-1985 (Home) 859-255-1624 (Fax)   Dr. Carter serves on the One Health Initiative team’s Honorary Advisory Board   NOTE: American Nurses Association Supports and Endorses One Health – Posted One Health Initiative website Monday, December 13, 2010 American Nurses Association Supports and Endorses One Health    The One Health Initiative website team was notified on December 9, 2010 that the president of the American Nurses Association, Karen A. Daley, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN supports the One Health concept.  The following is President Daley’s endorsement statement:   “Nurses recognize all forms of life on Earth are interconnected and interdependent.  The One Health Initiative epitomizes this fundamental concept.  The American Nurses Association is proud to be a supporter of this ground-breaking initiative.  Working together, we will enhance and improve the health of humans, animals and the environment.” Please see