Global Health Center One Health Approach REGISTER!  We are delighted to invite you to attend our upcoming conference Application of the One Health Approach to Global Health Centers.  This conference, the fifth in our biennial series, will be held on December 3rd and the morning of the 4th at Einstein and is being organized by the Einstein Global Health Center in collaboration with EcoHealth Alliance and the Future Earth oneHEALTH global research project.  This conference builds on strong high-level support for One Health and Planetary Health, recognizing that implementation of inter-disciplinary approaches on the ground remains limited due to a wide range of competing priorities and a lack of awareness and involvement of certain communities.  While the veterinary medical community, and increasingly the public health community, have led One Health efforts to date, the human medical community has had limited engagement in One Health efforts, with few avenues articulated in terms of practical implications, opportunities, and benefits for involvement.  The relevance of interdisciplinary approaches is increasingly recognized as we face significant health consequences associated with rapid and widespread environmental and anthropogenic change. The pursuit of human, veterinary, and environmental health separately leads to an incomplete understanding of disease risks, resulting in missed opportunities for mitigating and adapting to threats and impacts. Studies of physicians reveal limited awareness of the environmental health aspects of medical problems in the patient care setting, as well as low levels of awareness about prevention or treatment of zoonotic diseases, which may hinder timely diagnosis and epidemiological investigation. While there have been calls for training health professionals in systems thinking to better prepare them to face these issues, at present One Health education efforts in medical schools are in their infancy, lagging behind veterinary schools which have made One Health a central part of their curricula. Wider adoption of One Health approaches in clinical care will require educating and training health care providers in certain novel competencies. We seek to bring representatives from the different areas of practice, often siloed, to discuss critical issues that are faced in order to focus more attention on the One Health approach and its application to both medical school curriculum and clinical practice. We believe this approach can be highly beneficial for the medical and global health communities in addressing infectious and non-infectious disease challenges, particularly as countries seek to operationalize One Health and other interdisciplinary approaches.  Our speakers represent such organizations as EcoHealth Alliance, NYC DOMH, CDC, World Bank, WHO, the Center for Disease Dynamics, NIAID Office of Biodefense Translational Resources, UC Davis One Health Institute, and Duke University, among others. Registration link:  Tentative agenda  See: Provided by: Jill Raufman, MS, MPH Director, Medical Student Global Health Programs Associate Director, Global Health Center Principal Associate, Department of Pathology Albert Einstein College of Medicine 1300 Morris Park Avenue/Block 505/Bronx NY 10461 Phone: (718) 430-3518    Fax: (718) 430-2521 Email:    Web: