News   ISSUE 1 April 2018     Meet the Newsletter Editors:                                                         Jessica Choi (left) and Jane Fieldhouse, MSc (right) serve as the editors of Duke One Health Team News. Jessica Choi is a first-year masters student at the Duke Global Health Institute. Jane graduated from the Duke Global Health Institute in December 2017 and is currently working as a research analyst for the One Health Team at Duke University.  Jessica Choi Jane Fieldhouse, MSc The Duke One Health Team News periodically reports research and training news from the Duke One Health Teams activities in 10 countries. To remove your email from this list, click here. To add a new email address to this list, click here.     Recent Publications   Rapid Influenza Testing in an Austere Setting, Mongolia By Lexi Sack, PhD A rapid diagnostic of influenza A and B, especially in children, is critical in Mongolia where animal-human interaction occurs on daily basis. Quidels QuickVue Influenza A and B diagnostic tests were employed in three hospitals rural Mongolia. Read more       Bioaerosol Sampling in Clinical Settings: A Promising, Non-invasive Approach for Detecting Respiratory Viruses By Tham Nguyen, MPH A pilot bioaerosol sampling study was performed to screen for respiratory viruses in three medical facilities in Singapore. The study suggests that their sampling methods may be used in an active surveillance for respiratory pathogens in clinical settings. Read more       Using One Health to Investigate Emerging Tick-Borne Disease in Mongolia By Michael von Fricken, PhD, MPH Tick-born diseases amongst humans and livestock raise public health concerns in Mongolia. In collaboration with the public health agents, veterinarians, and physicians, this comprehensive seroprevalence study determined the prevalence of Anaplasma spp. and SFG Rickettsia. Read more       One Health Approach to Wicked Public Health Problems By Laura Borkenhagen, MSc At a recent One Health European Interregional Conference in Romania, Professor Gray spoke about the importance of using One Health to tackle difficult public health problems. Duke One Health Team member Laura Borkenhagen, MSc, used the lecture presentation file to develop a manuscript that was recently published online.  Read more     Project Updates   Duke One Health Receives Bass Connections Funding for the Second Year   Thanks to the fine work of Jane Fieldhouse, MSc, the Duke One Health Team has been granted another year of Bass Connections funding to refine bioaerosol surveillance for respiratory viruses in Sarawak, Malaysia. The new Bass Connections team is composed of two Global Health master’s students, Jessica Choi and Julie Zemke; a first-year medical student, Karen Lin; and two undergraduate students, Gina Kovalik and David Chen. The team is eager to continue the collaboration with Dr. Toh and the research team at the Clinical Research Centre, Sibu Hospital. Expanding upon last year’s project, the 2018-2019 Bass Connections team will conduct non-invasive bioaerosol surveillance in local schools, poultry farms and night abattoirs to look for respiratory pathogens in the air. </span