Health Initiative Targets Exotic Pet Keepers TONBRIDGE, England, November 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- “In response to the burgeoning exotic pet trade, and subsequent increased risk to human health, the Emergent Disease Foundation, One Health Initiative, Worldwide Veterinary Service, and UNISON have collaborated in the launch of a new leaflet containing important hygiene measures concerning exotic pets. It is hoped that the leaflet, entitled  Exotic pets: Reducing the of risk of human infection will be distributed via medical centres, local authorities, schools, veterinary clinics and pet shops to help raise vital awareness, and minimise illness. The leaflets are available free of charge. The advice contained in the leaflet is taken from an independent scientific paper entitled A review of captive exotic animal-linked zoonoses published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Environmental Health Research. A diverse range of species is now available as pets and they carry with them an array of exotic germs. An unfortunate animal may be transported halfway round the world and straight into someones living room with the family having no idea of the risks it may pose. Many of these germs can persist on surfaces such as walls, door handles and clothes. Therefore, although hand-washing is standard advice and very important, it cannot guarantee that germs wont spread around the home or be passed directly or indirectly to others. Those particularly at risk are children under five, the elderly, pregnant women and anyone who is immunocompromised. …” Please read entire press release