An outstanding One Health item...published on NOVA Next – PBS  How Vietnam Mastered Infectious Disease Control    By Joanne Silberner on Thu, 05 Nov 2015  “It’s the winter of 2003, and Long Thanh Ngo, head of a government biological testing lab in Dong Nai province, watches helplessly as a highly infectious avian influenza virus begins ripping through Vietnam. In a nation   heavily dependent on poultry for protein, tens of millions of chickens and ducks are either killed by the disease or culled to prevent it from spreading. The virus even makes the jump to humans. Ninety-three people in Vietnam who plucked or cleaned infected birds or somehow came in contact with their droppings get sick. Mostly, the illnesses begin as normal flu—fevers, aches, pains. Forty-two people develop severe respiratory symptoms and die. Other Asian countries have cases as well, but Vietnam is the hardest hit. ...” SEE complete article: or click on attachment. Permission to post on One Health Initiative website granted Nov 9, 2015 granted by: Tim De Chant, Editor, Nova Next