Integrating interdisciplinary methodologies for One Health: goat farm re-implicated as the probable source of an urban Q fever outbreak, the Netherlands, 2009 Ladbury et al. BMC Infectious Diseases (2015) 15:372 - Open Access Abstract “Background: In spring 2008, a goat farm experiencing Q fever abortions (“Farm A”) was identified as the probable source of a human Q fever outbreak in a Dutch town. In 2009, a larger outbreak with 347 cases occurred in the town, despite no clinical Q fever being reported from any local farm. ... Conclusions: We conclude that the probable source of the 2009 outbreak was the same farm implicated in 2008, despite animal health indicators being absent. Veterinary and public health professionals should consider farms with past as well as current history of Q fever as potential sources of human outbreaks.” Read full text   Provided to One Health Initiative website October 8, 2015 by: Robert E. Kahn, PhD Education Consultant College of Veterinary Medicine Kansas State University Editor’s Note:  Dr. Kahn correctly stated, “Here is a lovely article on the practical application of One Health using interdisciplinary methods to tackle a human disease (Q Fever) that comes from goats in the Netherlands. Dr. Kahn is a longstanding One Health supporter/advocate