Livestock Models in Translational Science    “This issue of the ILAR Journal focuses on livestock models in translational medicine. Livestock models of selected human diseases present important advantages as compared with rodent models for translating fundamental breakthroughs in biology to useful preventatives and therapeutics for humans. Livestock reflect the complexity of applying medical advances in an outbred species. … Conducting translational research using livestock models requires special facilities and researchers with expertise in livestock. There are many institutions in the world with experienced researchers and facilities designed for livestock research; primarily associated with colleges of agriculture and veterinary medicine or government laboratories.”  ILAR Journal, Volume 56 Issue 1 2015 -   Issue Editors: James A. Roth, DVM, PhD and Christopher K. Tuggle, PhD   To read the first article of this issue click on attachment or   Note:  Translational medicine is considered an important part of the One Health concept as shown under the “One Health Umbrella” graphic