Neglected zoonotic diseases (NZD) - World Health Organization “Control of neglected zoonotic diseases at the human animal interface require integrated approaches [=“One Health”] and the application of veterinary science. Neglected zoonotic diseases are a subset of the neglected tropical diseases. Zoonoses are diseases that are naturally transmitted from vertebrate animals to humans and vice-versa. Their management needs integrated approaches and application of veterinary science, which are part of the NTD strategic approach to transmission control. The term “neglected” highlights that diseases affect mainly poor and marginalized populations in low-resource settings. Addressing this group of diseases requires collaborative, cross-sectoral efforts of human and animal health systems and a multidisciplinary approach that considers the complexities of the ecosystems where humans and animals coexist [=“One Health”]. Preventing and mitigating their occurrence in humans requires control and, where feasible, elimination of the diseases in their animal reservoirs.”