Duke Global Health Institute One Health Approach: DGHI-Led Research Team Brings Life-Saving Rapid Flu Diagnostics to Mongolia Published on Feb 12, 2016 Physician Greg Gray, MD, MPH Duke University professor of global health, infectious diseases and environmental sciences, has set up a remote research outpost in Mongolia that could detect the next global infectious disease pandemic. Gray and his Mongolian colleagues are collaborating in a NIH (Fogarty International Center)-funded project that brings rapid influenza diagnostic equipment to rural areas where previously health professionals had to send samples to the national capitol and wait up to two weeks for results. “This project will certainly help preserve the health of Mongolian people and their animals, and could potentially save lives,” said Gray. “In addition, we are bringing a new level of rigor to medical research in Mongolia, which is important to building capacity in the country’s health sector.” Video produced by Jim Rogalski, director of video productions and senior public relations specialist in Duke Health Development and Alumni Affairs. Note: Dr. Gray is a member of the One Health Initiative Advisory Board