Volume 3, June 2017, Pages 56–65   Open Access One Health in food safety and security education: Subject matter outline for a curricular framework John A. Angelos, , Amanda L. Arens, Heather A. Johnson, Jessica L. Cadriel, Bennie I. Osburn Western Institute for Food Safety and Security, University of California – Davis, 1477 Drew Ave., Suite 101, Davis, CA 95618, United States Abstract “Educating students in the range of subjects encompassing food safety and security as approached from a One Health perspective requires consideration of a variety of different disciplines and the interrelationships among disciplines. The Western Institute for Food Safety and Security developed a subject matter outline to accompany a previously published One Health in food safety and security curricular framework. The subject matter covered in this outline encompasses a variety of topics and disciplines related to food safety and security including effects of food production on the environment. This subject matter outline should help guide curriculum development and education in One Health in food safety and security and provides useful information for educators, researchers, students, and public policy-makers facing the inherent challenges of maintaining and/or developing safe and secure food supplies without destroying Earths natural resources.”