One Health Newsletter 2014 Winter Issue Published Today Under New Management                                Volume 7, Issue 1   Please see attachment or visit   Transition Announcement:   The Florida Department of Health—USA (FL DOH) has enjoyed six highly successful years of managing the internationally distributed and widely read One Health Newsletter (OHNL).   The early pioneering Editors, first Mary Echols, DVM, MPH, and then Elizabeth Radke, PhD, in addition to a highly motivated and unselfish editorial board, brilliantly laid the groundwork for this very popular—first and currently the only one of its kind—One Health publication. Several prominent One Health contributors (physicians, veterinarians and other One Health scientists) over the years are testimony to widespread acceptance and appreciation for this unique endeavor; most have graciously agreed to continue to participate. The One Health Newsletter has truly represented a significant educational milestone in the recent history of the One Health movement during the early 21st century.   Beginning with this issue, the Florida Department of Health’s OHNL Editorial Staff has decided to transfer the management of the OHNL to the University of Florida’s (UF) One Health Center of Excellence. Though this means changes in the coordinating staff of the newsletter, the mission will remain the same, and the OHNL will endeavor to continue delivering high-quality One Health-focused articles each issue, to be shared via the One Health Initiative’s website   The co-equal, all inclusive policy of the FL DOH’s newsletter shall continue in the collaborative spirit of “One Health” under the new co-editors, Mary M. Merrill, MHS and Sarah K. White, MPH. Indeed, reputable One Health author(s) from any and all One Health oriented university and/or scientific institutions, organizations, governmental agencies and others from the United States and worldwide are welcome and urged to freely participate by submitting One Health related articles.   The One Health Initiative (OHI) Autonomous pro bono Team: Laura H. Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP ▪ Bruce Kaplan, DVM ▪ Thomas P. Monath, MD ▪ Jack Woodall, PhD ▪ Lisa A. Conti, DVM, MPH, has worked in tandem with the FL DOH during the early establishment years of its management of the OHNL to date. It intends to continue working closely with the UF OHNL editorial staff.   The OHI team strongly supports the transition and transference of the OHNL to the University of Florida’s “One Health Center of Excellence.” Notably, the Director of the One Health Center of Excellence, Gregory C. Gray, MD, MPH,FIDSA, has been an outstanding and recognized One Health supporter/advocate for several years. Dr. Gray is also a distinguished member of the OHI team’s Honorary Advisory Board   The incoming Editorial Staff are very thankful for the guidance and support given to us by the departing Editorial Staff as well as by the OHNL Editorial Board during this time of transition. The OHNL would not be possible without the countless hours of volunteer effort devoted by supporters of the One Health vision and mission. While compiling this Winter issue, we have had the opportunity to view firsthand the dedication, drive, and sincere passion that members of the One Health community have for improving health outcomes in all capacities around the world. This experience has already been humbling and inspiring, and we look forward—with your help—to publishing many quarterly online issues in future.   Mary M. Merrill, MHS, Co-Editor ( and Sarah K. White, MPH, Co-Editor (, One Health Newsletter in collaboration with Bruce Kaplan, DVM, Contributing Editor, One Health Newsletter and Manager/Editor One Health Initiative website You may learn more about the UF’s One Health Center of Excellence by visiting   The One Health Center of Excellence will be posting new issues of the OHNL as well as archives of previous issues at in coordination with the OHI team/website—as done in past years.