One Health Position -- New Mexico State Land Office (USA)   The New Mexico State Land Office is currently recruiting for our One-Health Field Operations Manager (SLO #5885); additional  information about the agency may be found at     Purpose of Position: The One-Health Program is an approach to improving community health in all species and the environment through sustainable land management practices. Communities can only thrive if they remain attractive and livable, with sufficient quantities of clean water, clean air, efficient, affordable buildings, healthful food choices, healthy food animals, and leaders who are committed to cooperative long-range planning for a sustainable future. As a major strategy of the New Mexico State Land Office Strategic Plan, this manager will oversee the One-Health Program initiative. This initiative is comprised of three fundamental components that facilitate sound land management.  A comprehensive, contemporary and accurate asset inventory contained within a geo-database to allow informed decisions involving complex interacting systems.  A Decision Support System that leverages asset inventory data to provide detailed multifaceted data and predictive analysis.  Applied management to promote the health and sustainability of state trust land to assure long-term viability. Management decisions through One-Health Program will allow the New Mexico State Land Office to best determine the courses of action providing the greatest benefit to the trust.   The job advertisement may be found at:   Provided by:   John A. Romero, DVM Assistant Commissioner Field Operations New Mexico State Land Office 310 Old Santa Fe Trail PO Box 1148 Santa Fe NM 87505-1148 (USA) (505) 827-5768 Fax: (505) 827-5766