One Health Sweden   Infection Ecology & Epidemiology (IEE), founded in 2010, has changed its name to One Health Sweden. Most human infections are caused by agents (bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites) that also infect animals. However, historically science has been divided into different disciplines depending upon if the agent is found in humans (medicine), domestic animals (veterinary medicine) or wild life (biology and ecology). An important task for the future is to link these disciplines under the concept of One Health. We need to study how different agents and antibiotic resistance spread between animals and humans and how this is related to environmental and ecological conditions. One Health Sweden is a network for researchers from several universities and governmental organizations. The overall goal is to improve health for humans and animals, and to do this by stimulating interdisciplinary research and increased knowledge about One Health:   ·        Increase One Health researchOur goal is to provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration within the One Health area. ·        Spread results from One Health researchOur goal is to make it possible for researchers from all over the world to publish results in connection with One Health and make it available as widely as possible. We provide an open access journal “Infection Ecology and Epidemiology”, within the area. ·       Enhance the level of knowledge about One Health in societyOur goal is to decrease the risk for emerging new pandemics, propagation of zoonotic infections and resistance to medication, by increasing the awareness of interaction between humans, animals and the environment and to show how our life styles affect the expansion of infectious diseases. Please see:   Editor-in-Chief: Björn Olsen, MD, PhD, Professor & Senior Physician in Infectious Diseases, Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden serves on the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Advisory Board