Mark your calendars!   Historic FIRST Joint One Health Symposium with the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) and the Society of Veterinary Tropical Medicine (SVTM) will be held Nov 21, 2009 at 3:45 p.m.   ASTMH 58th Annual Meeting November 18-22, 2009 Washington, DC, USA Contact:   The agenda:   TITLE: One World - One Health and Intercontinental Invaders   Bob H. Bokma, DVM -  E. Paul Gibbs, BVSc, PhD - Thomas P. Monath, MD … Co-Chairs   “ONE HEALTH APPROACH TO INVESTIGATE ZOONOTIC WATERBORNE PROTOZOAL PARASITES IN CALIFORNIA AND TANZANIA - Patricia A. Conrad, Woutrina Miller, Deana Clifford, and Jonna K. Mazet   RIFT VALLEY FEVER VIRUS, A ZOONOTIC DISEASE OF HIGH CONSEQUENCE IN BOTH THE VETERINARY AND HUMAN HEALTH ARENAS – T.G. Ksiazek   MARINE VERTEBRATES AS SENTINELS OF EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES: ONE HEALTH LINKING LAND TO SEA - A. Alonso Aguirre   HOW WEST NILE AND AVIAN INFLUENZA VIRUSES ILLUSTRATE THE CHALLENGES IN APPLYING ONE HEALTH - Samantha E. J. Gibbs   CONCURRENT DEVELOPMENT OF NOVEL WEST NILE VACCINES FOR HUMANS AND EQUIDS: APPLICATION OF ONE HEALTH PRINCIPLES - Thomas P. Monath