“World Vaccine Congress Washington is a multi-faceted conference experience with over 300 industry leading speaker, 10 conferences, 8 workshops, 100+ exhibitors providing the most exciting vaccine event on the planet. It is carefully curated by an experienced team who are plugged into a global network. Our presenters are disruptors and visionary industry leaders from the biopharma industry. They are selected for their relevance, dynamism and insight.”  Physician Virologist, Vaccinologist and One Health Leader, Dr. Thomas P. Monath, Speaks at World Vaccine Congress in Washington, DC (USA) Dr. Monath was among the “300 MOST IMPORTANT VACCINE SPEAKERS ON THE PLANET” at the World Vaccine Congress meeting in Washington, D.C. (USA) held April 14 - 17, 2019 Thomas P. Monath, MD, FASTMH, Managing Partner And Chief Scientific Officer, Crozet BioPharma LLC “Animal viruses engineered as human vaccines against infections of animals transmissible to humans” April 16 Day 2 @ 11:40 Please see PDF - Power point slide presentation attachment More about Dr. Monath: