“Greetings from Morocco. At the occasion of the celebration of the international [“One Health Day”], a list of scientific work related to the concept of the One Health concept has been exposed in the web site of our Institute: Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, ( [We are] looking for further collaboration in this matter.” English Translation provided Nov 5 2016 by: Prof. Noursaid Tligui IAV Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco The first annual day of One Health takes place today November 3, 2016. The Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine is pleased to contribute to the promotion of the first annual day of One Health, which takes place today November 3, 2016. The purpose of the International Day One Health (One Health) is to promote worldwide the various initiatives to educate the public and professionals about this concept through collaboration between the different disciplines of the Human Health, Animal Health and Environmental Health, both at institutional and at research and teaching levels. Research projects on the theme One Health in the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine are: I- Project ICONZ (Integrated Control of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases, a consortium of 21 institutions from Europe and Africa, EU funding): - 17 veterinary doctoral thesis on: rabies; tuberculosis ; brucellosis; cystic echinococcosis; leishmaniasis and integrated fight against the main major zoonotic diseases in Morocco. - 2 national doctoral theses on:                - cystic echinococcosis, rabies and leishmaniasis (defended in November 2015);               - tuberculosis and brucellosis (defended in October 2016). - World Rabies Day (September 28 since 2009) organized by members of the team ICONZ,   ONSSA staff and other national partners. - Publications: 7 articles published in international journals; 3 submitted for publication and 5 articles being written. II- Project OH-Nextgen (Training on One Health for the Next Generation of Scientists, a consortium of 9 institutions of Europe and Africa, EU funding) - Training of trainers: 30 francophone African executives (Rabat, 2014); 15 English-speaking African executives (Accra, Ghana, 2015) - Online training: 20 participants (2015). III- PRD Project (Project of Research for Development, Strengthening the strategy against zoonotic echinococcosis in Morocco: veterinary, economic and sociological, University of Namur, Belgium and IAV Hassan II, Morocco). - 2 veterinary doctorate theses on cystic echinococcosis. - 1 final project study of a socio-economic situation of cystic echinococcosis in Morocco. - 2 national doctoral theses (ongoing). IV- Project Mers-Cov - 2 veterinary doctorate theses on the Mers-coronavirus. - 1 article submitted; Article 1 being drafted. - 2 posters published.