The Direct Relationship between Animal Health and Food Safety Outcomes   “The health of the animals within the food animal production system impacts many aspects of the system far removed from the animals themselves. To promote high productivity in animal agriculture, researchers need to examine nutrition, management systems, and animal care practices including the use of antibiotics and vaccines. This Commentary looks at the pressures to change livestock rearing methods, evidence to support the direct public health impact on human illness days, and good safety and inspection service regulations.  The authors use indirect evidence, diagrams, and graphs to deliver their findings about the ways that healthy animals result in safer food.  Chair: Dr. H. Scott Hurd, Iowa State University, Ames. QTA2012-1, 12pp., May 2012. AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY”   “...Food Safety is One Health on your dinner plate.”  [Comment from Dr. Hurd to One Health Initiative website June 26, 2012]   H. Scott Hurd DVM, PhD Associate Professor Former Deputy Undersecretary Food Safety VMRI Building 4, 1802 University Drive College of Veterinary Medicine Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011 515-294-7905, fax 1072 515-231-3720, cell   Direct link to the paper for a free download:   Graciously provided to the One Health Initiative website June 27, 2012 by:   Melissa Sly Membership and Marketing Director Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 4420 West Lincoln Way, Ames, IA  50014 Phone: (515) 292-2125 ext 232      Fax: (515) 292-4512 EMail:      Website: Like us on Facebook     Follow us on Twitter     Check out our Blog