The OIE unveils the online version of its publication World Animal Health The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is placing online its publication World Animal Health, a unique compilation of information on the world situation relating to animal diseases, including those transmissible to humans, available to all and updated on a daily basis. Paris, 3 June 2015 – Published for over 30 years, World Animal Health provides an annual synthesis of information relating to at least the OIE’s 180 Member Countries, covering not only the animal diseases present on their respective territories, but also their relevant disease surveillance and control methods. It also provides data on animal populations and production figures. Previously available in hard copy and updated once a year, World Animal Health, in its new web-based format, will now give access to information that is updated throughout the year and can be extracted in the form of Excel tables and easily disseminated. The data contained in World Animal Heath are derived directly from the OIE World Animal Health System (WAHIS), which gathers information on the world situation relating to diseases of domestic and wild terrestrial and aquatic animals – including diseases transmissible to humans –, reported by OIE Member Countries as well as some non-member countries. The only compilation of its kind, World Animal Health presents a synthesis of the animal disease information contained in all the reports from countries received on a permanent basis by the OIE, once the information has been verified and validated by the OIE’s World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department. World Animal Health now makes it easier to consult and use the data made available via the online interface of WAHIS, which constitutes a comprehensive collection of the animal health data received and treated by the OIE.