About AddThis Sharing Buttons The Pet Partners Story Michael and Bill McCulloch Our story begins in the mid-1970s as the brainchild of a group of pioneers and visionaries: Dr. Leo K. Bustad, a veterinarian Two brothers, Dr. Michael J. McCulloch, a psychiatrist and Dr. William ‘Bill’ McCulloch Veterinarians R.K. Anderson DVM, Stanley L. Diesch DVM, Joe Quigley DVM, and Alton Hopkins DVM Long before animal-assisted interventions were documented to improve health, these professionals aligned through a shared observation. They saw that pets were having a positive impact on their human clients’ health and happiness. Each had observed this phenomenon in their own practices (and personal lives). They theorized there was much more depth to what they were witnessing and recognized that anecdotal stories were not enough to capture the attention of the medical community. They concluded that scientific research was needed. A search of existing medical journals quickly revealed that little information was to be found, so they committed themselves to ensuring research would be completed to further explore the effects that animals have on people’s lives. ... Please read complete story (One Health in Action) at and attached.