Tripartite Zoonoses Guide (TZG) in French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese in addition to English [a multisectoral #OneHealth approach to these diseases] About the guide The TZG has been jointly developed by the FAO, OIE, and WHO to support countries in taking a multisectoral, One Health approach to address zoonotic diseases. It provides principles, best practices and options to assist countries in achieving sustainable and functional collaboration at the human-animal-environment interface.  Continue to support countries to address zoonotic diseases using the TZG! How? DISSEMINATE the different language versions 1-    SHARE the following message in your personal social media accounts: Our efforts to address the challenges of #zoonoses do not stop. The #Tripartite Zoonoses Guide, a valuable resource developed by @FAO @WHO and @OIEAnimalHealth, is available in many languages to help countries take a multisectoral #OneHealth approach to these diseases: You can join the social media conversations on the International #OneHealthDay this 3 November by sharing the above message and increase the visibility of the TZG!