June 14, 2013   Exclusive Report submitted to One Health Initiative website June 13, 2013...   Update on One Health in Australia   “Following the 2011 1st International Conference on One Health in Australia, there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm to develop further the one health concepts and to operationalize activities. In reality this has not materialized into significant tangible outcomes although these are still of considerable interest to adopt as one health approach(s) when appropriate. The best example in Australia has probably been the response to Hendra outbreaks in horses and humans. ...”   *Professor Martyn Jeggo (Deakin University) **Professor John S. MacKenzie (Curtin University) Ms. Julia Landford (Co-Convenor, PHAA One Health Special Interest Group)   *Dr. Jeggo [BVetMed, PhD] is currently Director, Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases at Australia’s Deakin University Medical School, Melbourne, Australia and serves on the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bone team’s Honorary Advisory Board   **Dr. MacKenzie [PhD, FASM] is currently Research Associate, Faculty of Health Sciences at Australia’s Curtin University and a recognized leader in the One Health movement being a strong supporter/advocate of One Health   Please read complete statement by clicking on PDF attachment.