A potential large scale “One Health in Action” ... another dynamic case for implementing One Health!   Vaccines against diseases transmitted from animals to humans: A one health paradigm   Opinion by: Laura H. Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP, Bruce Kaplan, DVM, Thomas P. Monath, MD, Jack Woodall, PhD, and Lisa A. Conti, DVM, MPH   “...Principles of utilizing the One Health approach, i.e. multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary collaborations between animal health and human health industries and regulators can definitely help develop immunization products for such purposes.  A visionary landmark September 2013 article published online by the notable medical virologist and vaccinologist physician *Thomas P. Monath, MD gives reasonable guidelines to make it happen sooner rather than later.  Examples of such vaccines are listed including West Nile, brucellosis, Escherichia coli, O157:H7, rabies, Rift Valley fever, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Hendra virus, Mycobacterium bovis, and Lyme disease.  Indeed, another September 2013 publication was published that discussed the dramatic food safety potential for using a vaccine in cattle to protect against human foodborne illness caused by E. coli, O157   In simple terms, the idea is to develop vaccines that protect domestic animals and wildlife thereby establishing effective barriers against human infections.  Developing animal vaccines are less expensive and are less strictly regulated than are those for humans.  Hopefully a common sense One Health approach can go forward. ...”   Please read complete NEWS item on PDF View.