News Virginia Tech Professor [veterinarian] discovers new TB pathogen Oct 4 2010 Kathleen Alexander [DVM, PhD], associate professor of wildlife in Virginia Techs College of Natural Resources and Environment, discovered a novel tuberculosis (TB) species in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. …   Read more:   “Dr. Alexanders main research deals with the human – biodiversity interface at the individual as well as population and landscape levels. She is using a multidisciplinary approach to increase our ability to manage and maintain healthy ecosystems that support both biodiversity and human populations. The focal areas of her research are the human biodiversity interface as related to either infectious diseases or ecosystem management. She is examining changes in human health in Africa as related to emerging infectious diseases with the goal of understanding pathogens and processes of change in multi-host ecosystems. In addition, she is identifying the spatial and temporal dynamics of human-wildlife conflict at the landscape level using remote sensing and modeling to identify the predicative determinants and processes that shape species distribution and conflict incidence.”  Please see