The pandemic treaty negotiations may fail – if so, what can we constructively build upon that so far has been achieved and even improve upon

Abstract The current final stage negotiations for a new pandemic treaty are moving towards a dead-end situation. Concerns of national sovereignty are dominating today’s pandemic negotiations. In this situation there are two lower-level approaches and a third option: I. build on and expand the technical pandemic systems, II. regionalize pandemic alert and control systems III. establish a tri-partite pandemic agency.  In conclusion we propose a regionalization of the pandemic treaty structure.

To conclude, for the moment the global community is drifting away from Falk’s Future Worlds. The current draft Pandemic Treaty text seems the best we can do and prospects to agree upon a Pannenborg O, Seifman R. Re-Treating Pandemics. JGPOH 2024 posted: DATE: 17.04.2024, DOI: 10.61034/JGPOH-2024-10 P a g e 7 | 8 strong and enforceable agreement to better manage a future pandemic are frankly, dim. If such is the case, there is need now to begin to think, “what else” - going beyond what is now and has been on the table or fallback positions. That would include the technocratic approach outlined above, the regionalization we envisage, and the situation where the world community’s mood and its geopolitical power structure were to evolve again towards joint collective action and a separate global pandemic institution would be among its best options. Simply put, that what else is what we hope to highlight with this viewpoint.