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 “... The apparent dominance of the human species comes with a huge responsibility. Thus, in our quest to ensure the health and continued existence of humanity, consideration must be given to the complex interconnectedness and interdependence of all living species and the environment—the concept of One Health.6 7  8

 One Health highlights the synergistic benefit of closer cooperation between the human, animal, and environmental health sciences, as well as the importance of dismantling disciplinary and professional silos. The One Health concept has been recognised and promoted by the UN, the G20, and WHO, among several others.9

 The Sustainable Development Goals in themselves can be understood as embodying a One Health strategy aimed at healthy people living on a perpetually habitable planet.10 ...  

... The Lancet One Health Commission aims for transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration to promote original thinking and generate solutions to the complex global health challenges of modern times, most of which require a One Health approach. The Commission's work is expected to offer a recalibrated understanding of the ways in which these global health challenges are implicated within the complex interconnectedness of humans, animals, and our shared environment, and to provide an approach for harnessing this knowledge to ensure a sustainably healthy future for all species, and the planet we inhabit.

The main objective of The Lancet One Health Commission is to synthesise the evidence supporting a One Health approach to enhancing health within an environment shared by humans and animals. The Commission's work will explicate the significance of a One Health approach for policy by engaging transdisciplinary expertise and perspectives from both the public and private sectors. The Commission will explore global health challenges through a One Health lens,11  directing attention to infectious diseases, AMR, and non-communicable diseases—the latter of which have often been left out of the discourse on One Health. ... Vol 395 May 9, 2020