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Excerpts from George Lueddeke’s latest book SURVIVAL: One Health, One Planet, One Future

 Editor’s Note: After “War and Peace?”, “Close to the Edge: Climate Change: Focus on Africa, Asia and the Coastal Poor”,  “The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Intelligence Era: What Next?” and “One Health and Wellbeing (OHW) – Inspiring a Global Unity of Purpose”,  we are happy  to publish the concluding excerpt – focused on our future on this planet – from *Dr. George Lueddeke’s highly commended and timely book, Survival: One Health, One Planet, One Future (Routledge, pub. 2019/2020). 

This time, Dr. George Lueddeke draws on three main themes not previously highlighted: antimicrobial resistance (AMR), leadership and a potentially dehumanised future.  

AMR  was selected as it might lead to our next global pandemic;  leadership – because malign geopolitical forces (self-interests, power, ambition) continue to threaten the sustainability of the planet; and technological advances (artificial intelligence [AI]) because unrestrained Big Technology could risk the survival of humanity, our species itself.  ...

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*Dr. Lueddeke is a member of the One Health Initiative team’s Advisory Board (Hon.)