We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming 26th Annual Rabies in the Americas (RITA) conference held in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, October 4-8, 2015 at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center.

RITA is an annual international conference where research scientists, academics, students, public health officials, veterinary professionals, rabies program directors and others have the opportunity to meet, discuss and present the latest research in the fight against rabies worldwide.
Rabies is a global public health problem impacting humans, companion animals, livestock, and wildlife. Through meetings like RITA we can play a role in reducing the burden of rabies worldwide. To eliminate rabies in humans, it must be eliminated in dogs. By eliminating rabies in dogs, we are able to protect against 99% of human bites; preventing the death of 60% of children under the age of 15 years old and 55,000 deaths a year. The RITA conference provides opportunities to learn about the latest research developments of prevention and elimination of the disease. Last year in Cancun, Mexico, the 25th RITA was host to almost 500 participants from over 25 countries from around the world.

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