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The learning module has been prepared by members of the Working Group 1HOPE-GPA (Governance, Policy, and Advocacy), part of the One Health for One Planet Education (1HOPE) Initiative to support learning and teaching about the environmental status of the planet. It aims at fostering interaction between inclusive governance and environmentalist activities in he community. This is developed in five chapters, each with several sections. The chapters cover learning material on 1) The Global interdependence 2) Environmental sustainability, 3) Toward multilevel education, 4) An approach to implementation, followed by 5) Guidance for organizers and lecturers. The Learning Module provides suitable study material for postgraduate students under the guidance of their lecturers whereas the final chapter outlines the possible institutional organization of the Learning Module

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1HOPE-GPA (Governance, Policy, and Advocacy) Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Laaser DTM&H, MPH Faculty of Health Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany and: Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade, SerbiaE-mail: