Symbios Technologies

Announces Support for One Health concept/approach

March 15, 2020

TO: One Health Initiative team

Please add Symbios Technologies, Inc. to your supporters list. Here is background on the company/technology and potential applications to animal, human, and ecosystem health: 

  • Prototype-stage low-carbon footprint aqueous plasma platform the Symbios Tubular Plasma Reactor (TPR) for water treatment (both disinfection and carcinogen destruction) and discovery/characterization-stage bioactive chemistry generation including Aqueous Plasma Chemotherapeutics (APC) for cancer and infectious disease prevention/treatment. 
  • In partnership with the Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center and its Director of Clinical Research Dr. Doug Thamm, Symbios completed an NCI Phase I SBIR demonstrating in vitro efficacy of APC for pancreatic cancer and some characterization/MOA work, with Phase II pending.
  • We have 2 issued/allowed patents, one for the TPR and one for TPR-generated APC for pancreatic cancer, and have published peer-reviewed articles, one a literature review published in Plasma Medicine journal (Begell House), PMCID PMC5394942, “Aqueous Plasma Pharmacy: Preparation Methods, Chemistry, and Therapeutic Applications”, and the other a paper on use of our plasma reactor in place of chlorine or other chemicals to treat power plant cooling tower water for Legionella and corrosion-causing bacteria, An innovative non-thermal plasma reactor to eliminate microorganisms in water” (Desalination & Water Treatment, Taylor & Francis).
  • We have a licensing partnership to develop and commercialize combination therapies for multiple indications possibly to include COVID-19 and other viral infections, canine mammary and other cancers in animals, and pancreatic, NSCLC, and other cancers in humans.
  • We have been exploring what we call the “biosphere health nexus” synergies similar to those the One Health Initiative contemplates, and many problems in addition to the ones discussed above that the TPR and APC and other plasma/electrochemical technologies can help solve. I’d be happy to review a slide presenting these synergies and opportunities with anyone interested.
  • Looking for partners and collaborators. 


I hope to stay in touch and support your efforts moving forward. 


Best regards, 


Justin Bzdek, President & CEO
Symbios Technologies, Inc., P.O. Box 273261

Fort Collins, CO 80527

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