The One Health Initiative has been endorsed by the American Physiological Society.




Please see published letter from President Dr. Irving H. Zucker and Executive Director Dr. Martin Frank below and on the Publication page of this website:

 Dear Drs. Kahn, Kaplan, and Monath:


   After reviewing the mission statement of the One Health Initiative, I

 am  pleased to inform you that The American Physiological Society has

 endorsed  the Initiatives strategy of improving the lives of all

 specieshuman  and animalthrough the integration of human medicine

 and veterinary  medicine.  The strategy is consistent with the

 Society’s vision of  the role of physiology in global health as

 detailed by APS Past-President  Hannah V. Carey in an article that

 appeared in the Society’s  newsletter, _The Physiologist_ ([LINK:


 Consequently, the Society would be pleased to be listed as a

 supporter of  the One Health Initiative.


    Sincerely yours,


  Irving H. Zucker, Ph.D.



    Cc:       APS Council


    Martin Frank, Ph.D.

    Executive Director, American Physiological Society

    9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda,  MD 20814-3991  USA


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