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The Answer to Cancer Might Be Walking Beside Us




Published on May 31, 2017

Colorado State University and Rocky Mountain PBS teamed up to produce a new documentary featuring researchers and clinicians across the country who all have one common goal: One cure for cancer in people and animals.

“…PBS Documentary Heralds Progress, Promise of Comparative Oncology [Cancer]



Perhaps some of the greatest progress to come in the war on cancer will rise from the burgeoning field of comparative oncology, where physicians and veterinarians are battling the disease side-by-side. Some of the remarkable advancements achieved and tantalizing prospects ahead are explored in a compelling half-hour video airing nationally on public television stations this spring and summer. ...”


Note: The program began airing on national public television stations through 42 stations affiliated with the National Educational Telecommunications Association on April 7. The documentary began airing through 33 stations with The Programming Service for Public Television in June.


Editor’s note: This 26:48 minute film is a powerful message to political leaders, the international health care communities and the general public!