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All Arctic Circle states,  including Russia, must cooperate using a One Health approach as soon as possible to address the issue

"...  Scientists know that bacteria and viruses can survive for millions of years in very cold environments, that global warming increases the possibility they may emerge and conceivably affect the people, animals, and plants that live in such regions.

Thus, both the Arctic and Antarctic Circles could be the place where the next threat to global stability originates, this time attacking our collective health and wellbeing.

To prevent or contain that possibility, we need a robust global cooperative One Health effort, including research in human and veterinary health, in environmental, economic, and other social sciences, to identify the threat early and prepare for an effective response. A virus “hotspot” is something that can erupt anytime, anywhere pausing a real public health risk, and only close monitoring can effectively address the risk. ..."

Richard Seifman by *Richard Seifman

March 4, 2022 in HealthPolitics & Foreign Affairs

*Member One Health Initiative Advisory Board